Artem Raskin

MLK: SoCal Strikes Back

Artem Raskin
MLK: SoCal Strikes Back

On January 11, Wolfpack Invitational, a tournament in Southern California held at Claremont High School, was closed out by two carpetbagger teams.

One week later, Claremont defends the honor of Southern California by traveling up to James Logan and closing out the tournament.  In semifinals, Claremont MS (Musa & Schabel) defeated Los Altos DH (Dembner & Herman), while Claremont LG (Lopez & Greene) defeated Windsor MA (Miller & Amant).

Claremont is coached by Mr. David Chamberlain.

With this closeout, Claremont solidifies its hold on the #1 spot in POI Club Rankings. Evergreen Valley remains the runner-up, while Sonoma Academy edges past Windsor to claim the bronze. Claremont LG also displaces Evergren Valley AC as the top-ranked individual team.

MLK did not recognize the top speakers, so POI took it upon itself to calculate the standings using total points. (Spencer Dembner's unprecedented 32 speaker points in Round 5 were, in reality, a measly 29.)

1. Sebastian Miller (Windsor)

2. Mudit Buch (Stockdale)

3. Diana Kruzman (Cupertino)

4. Mackenzie Mills (Bishop O'Dowd)

5. Ashwinee Panda (Evergreen Valley)



1A: US Public Schools should allow the consumption of treats, such as cupcakes, during school hours.
1B: The school day should be lengthened at US public schools.
2A: Data collection practices of companies, such as Google and Facebook, do more harm than good.
2B: Free music-streaming services, such as Spotify, do more hard than good.
3A: Economic markets work best when politicians leave them alone.
3B: Stock market gains do not improve the US economy.
4A: Space travel is the next big economic opportunity.
4B: Malls will not survive online shopping.
5A: Now is the time for the USFG to implement a carbon tax.
5B: USFG should intervene in Nigeria against Boko Haram.
Doubles A: How we play the game ought to be more important than winning.
Doubles B: Cooperation ought to be preferred over competition.
Octas: USFG should rewrite the Constitution.
Quarters: On balance, Palestine is more guilty of war crimes than Israel.
Semis: Extremism in defense of liberty is a virtue.