Jon Thorpe

POI Points for 2014-2015: A Brief Primer

Jon Thorpe
POI Points for 2014-2015: A Brief Primer

POI Points

There is an aura of mystery that surrounds POI points and how a determination is reached regarding how many points POI will award a tournament or invitational. The manner in which POI points are calculated is rather mundane. Mr. Artem Raskin has comprised a table that has been utilized for awarding POI points. Points are contingent upon the tournament's field size. To view this year's table, please see Points Explanation for 2014-2015.

POI Points and Auto-Qualification for the Parliamentary Debate TOC

Starting this year, POI will be eliminating half-points from its scoring system. This will be accomplished by doubling points awarded at tournaments. For example, a tournament that awarded 13.5 points to the champion in past years, such as the 2013 UOP Invitational, would see the champion awarded 27 points this year. With the change in the scoring system, the number of points needed to auto-qualify for the 2015 Parliamentary Debate TOC will be 29. However, unique teams that accumulate 22 POI points by December 31, 2014 will be considered auto-qualified for the Parliamentary Debate TOC even if they do not reach the 29 point total by the end of February 2015.

Penalties and Bonuses

This year POI expects all tournaments and invitationals to break between 27% to 45.3% of their fields to elimination rounds. Penalties will be applied to all breaking teams if a tournament breaks less than 27% of its field. Additionally, if a tournament breaks more than 45.3% of its field to elims, the tournament's first elimination round will be counted as a preliminary round.

Tournaments and invitationals are expected to have at least 5 preliminary rounds. Tournaments and invitationals that have 6+ preliminary rounds will see a 1 point bonus added to the totals received by breaking teams. Tournaments that have 4 prelims will see a 3 point penalty applied to all breaking teams while tournaments that have only 3 prelims will see 6 point penalty applied to all breaking teams.    

Penalties and bonuses are detailed in Points Explanation for 2014-2015.

Rankings Updates

Starting in November, the POI rankings will be updated on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.