Sierra Maciorowski

Dougherty Valley Takes NPDI

Sierra Maciorowski
Dougherty Valley Takes NPDI

The National Parliamentary Debate Invitational at UC Berkeley culminated long after most teams had already departed, with a final match-up late Sunday night between top seed Dougherty Valley High School Rohan Bhargava & Sameer Ziaee and 10th seed Sonoma Academy Caleb Kornfein & Sierra Maciorowski.

Negation team Dougherty Valley Bhargava & Ziaee picked up on the resolution “TUSFG should eliminate the Defense Logistics Agency’s 1033 program.” Not, however, with counterplan or status quo: like last year, the 2014 NPDI final round revolved around a Dougherty Valley-run critique. This, of course, led to an extremely interesting round -- highlights of which included your correspondent nearly [literally] collapsing after the MGC, the negation team [debate] collapsing to and winning on a pre-empt bad shell, and a conditionality bad procedural in the PMR.

Overall, NPDI was an outstanding example of what parliamentary debate has the potential to be. Although only 40 teams were expected, total, the NPDI field included 60 open teams and 28 junior varsity teams-- for a standardized field size of 69. And, even with so many competitors, the tournament still ran less than 10 minutes behind schedule, with qualified judges and oral RFDs the norm, not the exception.

Speaker Awards

  1. Cupertino’s Jigar Shah

  2. Sonoma Academy’s Sierra Maciorowski

  3. Saratoga’s Sudeep Raj

  4. Sequoia’s Evan Hart

  5. Archbishop Mitty’s Hersh Solanki

  6. Dougherty Valley’s Sameer Ziaee

  7. Dougherty Valley’s Connor Riano

  8. Evergreen Valley’s Basil Abushama

  9. Ashland’s Brielle Preskenis

  10. Dougherty Valley’s Chaitanya Sayani


  1. Los Altos Spencer Dembner & Steven Herman def. Irvington Abhinav Bhardwaj & Aditya Kaushik (3-0)

  2. Notre Dame Duflock & Hackworth def. Cupertino Sanika Mahajan & Shankara Srikantan (3-0)

  3. Bishop O’Dowd Camille Porter-McAvoy & Danielle Viviani def. Irvington Vinayak Chetlapalli & Neel Mishra (2-1)

  4. Bishop O’Dowd Thomas Liao & Mackenzie Mills def. Sonoma Academy Connor Duncan & Aris Saxena (3-0)

  5. Irvington Medha Acharya & Jessica Singh def. Sequoia Evan Hart & Kushagra Sharma (3-0)


  1. Los Altos DH def. Saratoga Michael Ong & Sudeep Raj (2-1)

  2. Notre Dame DH def. Miramonte Alex Jang & Erica Stephan (3-0)

  3. Sonoma Academy Caleb Kornfein & Sierra Maciorowski def. Washington Rahul Sheth & Abhinav Tripathy (2-1)

  4. Dougherty Valley Connor Riano & Chaitanya Sayani def. Bishop O’Dowd Shawn Cunningham & Anna Johnson (2-1)

  5. Dougherty Valley Rohan Bhargava & Sameer Ziaee def. Bishop O’Dowd PV (2-1)

  6. Sonoma Academy Jack Greenberg & Liam Kolling def. Bishop O’Dowd LM (3-0)

  7. Hybrid Jigar Shah & Hersh Solanki def. Evergreen Valley Amit Tallapragada & Kaustubh Vinchure (2-1)

  8. Evergreen Valley Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala def. Irvington AS (3-0)


  1. Sonoma Academy KM def. Notre Dame DH

  2. Dougherty Valley RS def. Los Altos DH

  3. Dougherty Valley BZ def. Hybrid SS

  4. Evergreen Valley AC def. Sonoma Academy GK


  1. Sonoma Academy KM def. Dougherty Valley RS (2-1)

  2. Dougherty Valley BZ def. Evergreen Valley AC (3-0)


  1. Dougherty Valley BZ def. Sonoma Academy KM (5-0)