Sierra Maciorowski

Sonoma Academy Victorious at UOP

Sierra Maciorowski
Sonoma Academy Victorious at UOP


Sunday’s final round at the Jon Schamber Invitational saw Sonoma Academy’s Jack Greenberg & Liam Kolling competing against Evergreen Valley High School’s Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala. On the resolution “TUSFG should immediately produce and distribute Ebola vaccines,” affirmation team Sonoma Academy Greenberg & Kolling picked up in a split decision, to earn the title of tournament champion and University of the Pacific scholarships of $5000 each.

Though one might hope the tournament would get simpler as less teams remained, finals were filled with confusion. After a rough beginning when the judges barred audience-hopefuls from entering the room, your correspondent and others were able to watch the remaining five speeches-- though one judge left the room coughing for the majority of the 2AC, and a UoP runner flowed in her temporary absence. Even with these interruptions, the round was well-articulated and well-debated by both teams, primarily focusing on the best agent to uniquely solve the harms presented: the United States, or Japan.

The UoP tournament field included 62 open teams and 34 novice teams, giving it a standardized field size of 73. The weekend’s field included teams from 26 different high schools, and although many rounds ran behind-schedule, leading to some largely elongated prep periods, the clear resolutions more than made up for the hassle. After the tournament dropped high and low points to break an eight-way-tie for the fourth and fifth highest-ranked, speaker awards ended up as the following:

  1. Mira Loma’s Kajan Moorthy

  2. Lowell’s Bob Wu

  3. Washington’s Anirudh Veeraragavan

  4. Los Altos’ Spencer Dembner

  5. Sonoma Academy’s Sierra Maciorowski

Results from elimination rounds may be seen below, results from preliminary rounds may be seen here, and resolutions may be found here.


  1. Sonoma Academy Jack Greenberg & Liam Kolling def. Lowell James Sutton & Bob Wu 

  2. Windsor Katie Christensen & Samantha Cox def. Campolindo Conor Hanvey & Peter Moore

  3. Lynbrook Kartik Rathi & Uday Tripathi def. El Dorado Garrett Broberg & Marcus Cohen

  4. Sonoma Academy Sierra Maciorowski & Logan Noel def. Bishop O’Dowd Shawn Cunningham & Anna Johnson 

  5. Dougherty Valley Nick Sawhney & Maggie Zheng def. Clovis North Justin Lagera & Hayk Kosaian 

  6. Windsor Jackson St. Amant & Sebastian Miller def. Lowell Eli Pollock & Thomas White

  7. Sonoma Academy Connor Duncan & Aris Saxena def. Mira Loma Alex Diehl & Kajan Moorthy 

  8. Evergreen Valley Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala def. Mira Loma Zak Bahm & Lina Gaydarova


  1. Sonoma Academy GK def. Windsor CC (2-1)

  2. Lynbrook RT def. Sonoma Academy MN (2-1)

  3. Windsor AM def. Dougherty Valley SZ (2-1)

  4. Evergreen Valley AC def. Sonoma Academy DS (2-1)


  1. Sonoma Academy GK def. Lynbrook RT (3-0)

  2. Evergreen Valley AC def. Windsor AM


  1. Sonoma Academy GK def. Evergreen Valley AC (2-1)