Jon Thorpe

Ashland Triumphs at Willamette

Jon Thorpe
Ashland Triumphs at Willamette


At 10 pm Saturday night, Ashland High School’s Noah Falkner & Brielle Preskenis successfully affirmed the resolution “To instill morality, pet ownership should be mandatory,” defeating Lake Oswego’s Max Groznik & Caroline Snell and walking away with the 2014 Jerry Hudson Invitational. In a victory for the seeding gods, this final round saw a matchup of the #1 and #2 seeds, and it was exactly as interesting as an informed observer would expect. This author knew the house was in for an interesting round when “Puppy Points” were the mutually agreed upon Weighing Mechanism as a proxy for societal happiness, and the round only got better from there. Highlights included the leader of the negation noting that “not everyone can do four baker’s dozen pushups” like the leader of the affirmative, and then contrasting the comparative risk factors between donkeys and air travel.

Overall, the tournament was a great success, with Willamette University serving as excellent hosts and only a few procedural hiccups. Ambiguity about whether the speaker point scale was from 0-30 or 20-30 made seeding and Top Speaker awards that little bit more unpredictable, but even this uncertainty doesn’t quite explain how one speaker received a 34. In the end, the expected teams advanced through outrounds and all was well. A slightly small but especially strong field was in attendance, with at least one member from three of the four state semifinalists competing. There were 19 Junior teams, 25 Novice, and 21 Open, leading to a “standardized field size” of 36. Click here for resolutions. Results in their entirety are below.


  1. Lake Oswego Max Groznik & Caroline Snell def. (8) Summit Conner Olsen & Piper Tozer (3-0)

  2. Ashland Noah Falkner & Brielle Preskinis def. (7) South Eugene Alec Bania & Eli Lininger (3-0)

  3. West Albany Ben Delsman & Trace Jansen def. (6) South Eugene Henry Lininger & Leo Sanger (3-0)

  4. Cleveland Emily Erickson & Henry Harding def. (5) Ashland Ryan Brown & John Ropp (3-0)


  1. Lake Oswego SG def. (4) Cleveland EH

  2. Ashland PF def. (3) West Albany DJ


  1. Ashland PF def. (1) Lake Oswego SG