A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.



1A -
1B – USFG should take action on climate change.
2A – In this instance, ethics should be shelved to promote scientific advancement.
2B – When in conflict, man ought to be valued over nature.
3A – The Republicans are losing their political relevance.
3B -
4A – Congress should authorize America’s wars.
4B – THS pass a balanced budget amendment.
5A – Realism in American foreign policy ought to be valued over idealism.
5B – The television is more significant than the computer.
DA – The Republicans should replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House.
DB – [Senate confirmation of John Kerry as Secretary of State]
OA – Fallen heroes deserve a second chance.
OB – In the eyes of future generations, Obama’s policies have done more harm than good
Q – In US history, the Civil War was more significant than the American Revolution.
S -
F – Congress should pass the President’s proposed gun control policy.


1a: This House would talk to Iran.
1b: THW create a new exit strategy for Afghanistan.
2a: This House prefers principles over outcomes
2b: This House would rather fight the wave than ride it
3b: The USFG needs to be downsized
Oa: Steve Jobs is the most influential American since WWII.
Ob: The United States is still the land of opportunity.
Qa: Federal elections should be held on weekends.
Qb: People on Social Security should do public service.
F: The biggest political issue of the 2012 political campaign is the decline of the middle class.


1A: The USFG would increase domestic manufacturing jobs.
1B: The USFG would raise the retirement age for Social Security.
2A: THBT collectivism is better than individualism.
2B: THBT a common culture is of greater value than a pluralistic culture.
3A: Government has forgotten its role.
3B: The news media is creating a culture of paranoia.
4A: THW pop the bubble.
4B: THW take a leap of faith.
5A: THW punish Wikileakers.
5B: The USFG would reduce the threat of cyberterrorism.
DA: THBT a bigger paycheck will lead to a better economy
DB: THBT strict control of a child’s life is counterproductive.
OA: TH has already given up on its New Year’s Resolutions.
OB: THBT more could have been done.
QA: ~ THBT the trend is towards confrontation rather than discussion.
QB: ~ THBT Sarah Palin is more provocateur than politician.
S: Mexico’s drug wars have weakened Latin American progress.
F: The ordinary American has no future.


1a: USFG should have a minimum annual income.
2a: THBT Congress is dysfunctional.
2b: THBT journalism has become openly partisan.
3a: Americans are more pragmatic than ideological.
3b: TH prefers a bound book to the Kindle.
4a: A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
4b. Release the pressure.
5a: US society discriminates by age.
5b: Swine flu is a hoax.
Inaction in the face of injustice makes an individual morally culpable.
The USFG should enact tougher food safety regulation.
THW raise taxes on businesses that took government bailout money.
TH prefers to boost green technology than to cut carbon emissions.
Q: ~ TH has had enough of vampires.
F: ~ THBT that marketplace of ideas has become a demolition derby.