Gerrymandering for political advantage is justified.
Voting should be a constitutional right.
Political campaigns should be exclusively publicly funded.
Candidates for public office should be required to reveal mental and physical health records.
The pharmaceutical industry should be held financially responsible for the opioid crisis in the US.
The US government should be allowed to negotiate Medicare drug prices.
Patients having access to life saving drugs should take precedent over pharmaceutical profits.
Pharmaceutical advertising of prescription drugs should be prohibited.
Off shore oil drilling should be prohibited.
Drilling in the Anwar should be prohibited.
When in conflict protection of the environment should take precedence over cheap fuel sources.
Limiting the supply of cheap fuel is harmful to the US economy.
The US should tax church profits.
Protecting religious positions is more important than protecting civil rights in the US.
The death penalty is immoral.
The separation between church and state should be absolute in the US.