A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.


  1. The People’s Republic of China should significantly increase its military presence in the South China Sea.

  2. The British Parliament should Abolish the House of Lords.

  3. The USFG should substantially increase its investment in nuclear energy.

  4. The USFG should overthrow the North Korean Regime.


1. The US should send military aid to Syrian rebels.

2. The US should raise the federal minimum wage.

3. The EU should substantially increase support to refugees.

4. Southern California should take substantial action to help the drought,

5. The USFG should substantially decrease its military assistance to Japan,

6. The US should substantially increase its military actions against Boko Haram,

O. The USFG should substantially increase regulations on firearms.

Q. The USFG should increase regulations on private drone use.

S. The People’s Republic of China should increase efforts to stabilize its economy.

F. The United States Federal Government should increase regulations on greenhouse gas emissions.


1. THW abolish the death penalty.

2. TH ought to favor the environment over the economy.

3. The USFG should reform its immigration policy.

Q. The USFG should ban offshore drilling.

S. The USFG should extend the Bush tax cuts.

F. The USFG should substantially increase its efforts for peace in the Middle East. 


1. The USFG would substantially increase pressure on Iran.

2. Health care reform should have a public option.

3. THW favor diplomacy over military intervention.

Q. The USFG should substantially alter its strategy in Afghanistan.

S. In this instance, the environment ought to be favored over the economy.