POI Debate Institute Donates To Edna Brewer Middle School

The POI Debate Institute, the nation’s preeminent summer middle school and high school parliamentary debate program, has donated a fully-funded spot in its UC Berkeley middle school program to the Edna Brewer Middle School’s “A Night in Oaktown” auction. The auction is an annual event to raise funds to provide the 800+ Edna Brewer students school programs that enhance the school’s educational experience.

This past January, Urban Parli Debate launched its inaugural free debate program at Brewer, and the POI Debate Institute is proud to provide support to Urban Parli’s goal of increasing equity in the debate space. In addition to the Institute’s donation to Brewer, the POI Debate Institute provides over $20,000 a year in need-based scholarship money for both its UC Berkeley and Southern Oregon University programs.

If you’d like to make a donation supporting increased diversity in high school and middle school debate, please click here.