A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.


Round 1
All drugs should be decriminalized.
“America First" is good economic policy.
Unemployment should be the USFG’s top concern.
Round 2
The United States should embrace isolationism.
The group is more important than the individual.
Social media is more harmful than beneficial to humanity.
Round 3
Russia should be a main concern of the United States government.
The United States should cut ties with Israel.
The United States should reach out peacefully to North Korea.
Round 4
U.S. Congress should ensure fair and equal access to internet content.
Google knows too much about us.
NASA is no longer necessary to modern American society.
This house would vote for Oprah.
The US Constitution ought to be rewritten.
Censorship is rampant in US higher education.
The press secretary is vital to a healthy presidency.
Donald Trump should be removed from Twitter.
Social media marketing should be a primary concern of every political campaign.
When in conflict, science ought to be held above morals.
Progress is the most important American value.
The United States should adopt a popular vote system for the Presidency.