1. The USFG should significantly reduce the term length of technology patents.

2. California should substantially increase production of desalination plants in the state of California.

3. The Electoral College should vote for Hillary Clinton.

4. The USFG should pass the Water Resources Development Act of 2016.

5. India should immediately halt Narendra Modi's demonetization program.

S. The USFG should prohibit the use of cyberattacks against foreign countries.

F. The EU should amend its renewable energy policy to reduce dependence on biofuels.


1. The USFG should require that all campaign donations made to elected officials be available to the public.

2. The California government should abolish the death penalty.

3. California schools should significantly increase funding for the arts.

4. The USFG should increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.

5. The USFG should significantly increase funding for NASA.

S. The USFG should institute a 12-week paid maternity/paternity leave for all full-time employees.

F. The USFG should admit Puerto Rico as its 51st state.