A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.


R1. Riots do more good than harm.

R2. The USFG should raise the minimum wage.

R3. The USFG should ban affirmative action.

R4. Businesses ought to have the right to refuse service.

R5. We should ban private prisons. 

Q. The USFG should significantly reduce the size of its military.

S. Individuals ought to have the right to assisted suicide.


1. The United States should adopt a single payer healthcare system.

2. The United States should significantly increase military action against ISIS.

3. The United States Federal Government should adopt a national popular vote.

4. The United States shall significantly decrease foreign weapon sales.

5. The Supreme Court of the United States should not consider hate speech as protected under the first amendment.

6. The US should elect Bernie Sanders as President of the United States.

S. This House should ban the use of affirmative action in college admission decisions.

F. The United States should significantly increase its border security.