A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.


1. Representative Democracy is the most moral system of government.

2. California ought to prioritize water projects over all other infrastructure.

3. USFG should substantially increase regulation of homeschool education.

4. Cryptocurrencies will be as widely used as fiat currencies in the next decade.

5. Counterterrorism efforts should be valued over humanitarian efforts in West Africa.

6. This house would significantly improve the security of US elections.


Round 1: This house believes that public health ought to be valued over personal liberty.

Round 2: Continuing support for Israel is in the best interest of the United States.

Round 3: Direct social media communication by the president of the United States advances democracy.

Round 4: For transporting oil over long distances, pipelines are preferable to other methods.

Round 5: The United States Federal Government will reform the healthcare system.

Round 6: The United States Federal Government would reorganize the executive cabinet departments.

Double Octo: The United States Federal Government should restrict imports.

Octos: Brexit benefits Britain.

Quarters: This house believes that the United States ought to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Semis: The United States Federal Government would significantly decrease its foreign weapon sales.

Finals: The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement will do more harm than good to the Vietnamese economy.



Wolfpack Invitational: 

Round 1: The United States Federal Government should adopt a single payer health care system.

Round 2: This House would fund a manned mission to Mars.

Round 3: The Supreme Court should consider hate speech under the First Amendment.

Round 4: The United states should sanction Saudi Arabia for human rights violations.

Round 5: Steve harvey, is the most despicable person of the month, no he is the runer up. The most despicable person is ______

Octafinals: This house would hold corporations to the same moral standards as people

Quarterfinals: The USFG ought to prioritize the development of fossil fuels over investment in alternative energy sources

Semifinals: In US elections, money is more important than messages.

Finals: US should substantially increase its military response to ISIS.

Bargain Belt Invitational:

Round 1: The United States Federal Government would provide free college education.

Round 2: This house should commit military combat troops to fight ISIS.

Round 3:This house believes public monies should not fund art.

Round 4: The United States Federal Government should significantly increase its funding for NASA space exploration.

Quarters: The United States Federal Government should withdraw from NAFTA.

Semis: The United States Federal Government should decrease its military presence in Japan.

Finals: This house would intervene in Syria


Round 1A: This house believes there ought to be a law.
Round 1B: This house would privatize it.
Round 2A: The right to a free public education ought to be extended to include college.
Round 2B: The USFG should dissolve the Dept of Education.
Round 3A: The USFG should prioritize building domestic infrastructure over military spending.
Round 3B: This house would place limits on the executive salaries on corporations chartered in the US.
Round 4A: The USFG should support Palestinian statehood.
Round 4B: The USFG should establish diplomatic relations with Cuba.
Round 5A: The USFG ought to reform the tax code.
Round 5B: The USFG ought to preserve entitlements.
Quarters: Out with the old, in with the new.
Semis: This house is its own worst enemy.
Finals: In this instance, we should judge the book by its cover.


1.Redistribution is justifiable.
2.Fun is more important than work.
3.This house would increase aid to the Middle East.
4.Protecting the environment is a moral obligation.
5.This house would bring it back.
Q1. Voting should be a legal obligation.
Q2. Somalia should pirate the pirates
S. ?
F. ?
Novice Resolutions
1.Economic stimulus is more important than balancing the budget
2.Americans have an unhealthy obsession with sport.
3.This house would grant amnesty to illegal immigrants
4.This house would prioritize economic growth over environmental protection.
5.This house would take it back.
Q or F. Public is better than private.
Q or F. The West will regret free trade.
S. China is a friend, not a foe.