Round 1: Crime and Public Safety

This House believes the US Federal Government should ban private ownership of semi-automatic assault rifles.

This House believes the government should increase training requirements for police officers in the US.

This House would ban the use of military grade equipment by state and local police forces.


Round 2: Foreign policy

This House believes the US should renegotiate the terms of its agreement with NATO.

This House believes USFG should significantly restrict immigration from all sources.

This House believes British withdrawal from the EU will benefit the US.


Round 3: Economics

The US should increase the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour.

The US should adopt a national sales tax.

The USFG should be required to balance the federal budget every year.



The US should significantly increase its acceptance of Syrian refugees.

The US should eliminate the $1 bill.

The length of the US presidential campaign should be limited.