In the second ever New York Parliamentary Debate League tournament, 24 teams competed in a single open division from three schools. Defending their home turf, Dalton’s pair of Devin Milberg & Hart Rapaport came out victorious after four unseeded rounds. Stuyvesant’s Max Irikura & Jake Goldman were the only other pair to finish the tournament undefeated.

    Following in third place were Horace Mann’s Anabel Kady & Jake Goldman, meaning that all three different schools placed a finisher in the top three. Rounding out the top five were Dalton’s Nic Salem & Brendan Roth, and Stuyvesant’s Elijah Karshner & Alex Serbanescu.

    Dalton’s Hart Rapaport earned top speaker, closely followed by Horace Mann’s Augusta Owens and Dalton’s Nic Salem.

    Judged and tabulated by students, the NYPDL represents the frontier of parliamentary debate. While the league still lacks break rounds, this second tournament was a stride forward in the development of the NYPDL. In an entirely student run league, administrative hurdles must be cleared for competition to occur. The mere occurrence of a second tournament is a success for this budding league. However, this tournament was marked by a considerable drop in attendance compared to the inaugural Horace Mann tournament, with 24 teams compared to 38 at Horace Mann. Notably absent was Regis, winner of the first NYPDL tournament.

    With the eradication of the UPenn Liberty Bell Classic’s parliamentary division this year, the success of the NYPDL is closely aligned with the survival of parli in the tri-state area.

Our East Coast correspondent is Paul Kim, who debates for Ridgefield High School.