Sandy and Southridge Succeed at McMinnville High School Invitational

The McMinnville High School Invitational took place on January 27th. After three preliminary rounds, four teams broke to semifinals to earn qualifying legs to the OSAA state tournament. Like many other tournaments in Oregon this year, McMinnville did not break to a final round, choosing to instead prioritize a semifinal round to earn offer state-qualifying legs to as many teams as possible. 

It took a 3-0 record and high opposition strength to break to the semifinal rounds, in which both teams debated the topic, “The death penalty is immoral."  In one semifinal, Sandy’s Hannah Randall & Cassidy Moore affirmed the resolution to defeat Wilson’s Fletcher Calcagno & Elijah Moon. In the other, Southridge’s Jakob Hollenbeck & Joey Miller defeated Wilson’s Aidan Snodgrass-Ward & Chester Mantel while negating the resolution.

“I loved the topics," said Calcagno, mentioning "voting, oil, the death penalty, and opioid advertisements" as favorites. With well-trained parent judges and several experienced judges in the pool, rounds were high-quality.

However, not everything about the tournament was as effective as possible. “[Three] prelim rounds to break almost 50 teams to semifinals, and then no finals is a little bit underwhelming,” Calcagno said. "The planning of how many rounds to have and the timeliness of starting those rounds should have been better.” 

McMinnville High School had a total of 43 entries in the open division and no novice division.  This makes it the largest tournament for parliamentary debate in Oregon thus far this year, edging out the previous biggest — the Cleveland Holiday Edge — by six entries.  


Sandy RM def. Wilson MC (2-1)

Southridge HM def. Wilson SM (3-0)

Our Oregon correspondents are Hannah Doyle, who competes for Ashland High School, and Gabriel Graville, who competes for Lake Oswego High School. 

Gabriel Graville