At the 16th annual I Have a Dream Classic, held at Monroe High School, five teams finished the three rounds undefeated: New Roads' Nolan Windham & Ben Wasson, Global Prep Academy's Cassidy Bensko & Joelle Min, iLead's Brady Hagen & Sean Rogers, Global Prep Academy's Chretien Lu & Layla Albruzzo, and New Roads' Sean Grey & Kiran Baez. Each of the three rounds was based on a fact or value resolution. 

The tournament style and resolutions were an beneficial experience for seasoned debaters, but also for entry-level debaters who were experiencing the open circuit for the first time, due to the resolutions and limited schedule. The twenty-eight teams in the field, representing 10 different schools, provided insight into the different styles and strategies taught by Southern California debate coaches. The varying skill level also provided a learning experience for debaters of all levels, though there were less ranked and experienced teams at this tournament than other recent ones. 

Unfortunately, even with only three rounds, the day ran unexpectedly late. “It seemed to be a really unorganized tournament and not run on time, said Sean Grey. "We left about an hour and a half later than expected."