Campolindo claims Prospect

This weekend, the Georgiana Hays Invitational hosted by Prospect High School culminated in a final round between Campolindo’s Shannon Bonet & Sharon Yuan and Evergreen Valley’s Mina Mohebbi & Bryant Tran. Negating the resolution, “Kritiks should be banned in high school parliamentary debate,” Bonet & Yuan won on a 3-0 decision.

(left to right) Tran, Mohebbi, Bonet, & Yuan shortly after the finals round

(left to right) Tran, Mohebbi, Bonet, & Yuan shortly after the finals round

Unlike previous years, the Hays Invitational broke to semifinals instead of a straight break to finals. With 41 open entries, only three 4-0 teams emerged on top. With an even break to semifinals, Irvington’s Raisah Khan & Ashka Patel were the only 3-1 team to also advance. 

The tournament featured a system of topic striking, where opposing sides received a list of 3 topics before each round. The affirmative and negative teams were allowed to strike 1 topic each, leaving the remaining resolution to debate. All resolutions were written by the Prospect Debate Team and their coach Kaitlin Coltin.

On their way to finals, Bonet & Yuan broke into outrounds as the 2nd seeded team, and proceeded to defeat Los Altos’ Alex Wong & William Zeng in semifinals on a 3-0 decision. Meanwhile, Mohebbi & Tran emerged 1st seed out of prelims, and proceeded to defeat Khan & Patel on a 2-1 decision.

In addition to reaching the finals round, Mohebbi secured the award for 1st place speaker. Campolindo’s Sophie Stankus emerged as 2nd place speaker, while Evergreen Valley’s Jenna Bao secured 3rd.

The novice division concluded in a close out by Club Parli’s Thomas Li & Jessica Zhu and teammates Albert Hao & Amanda Hao. Both teams remained undefeated throughout preliminary and elimination rounds.

In novice speaker awards, Jessica Zhu took 1st place, while CP Nueva's Harrison Kepner and Club Parli's Kevin Ma took 2nd and 3rd, respectively.


Evergreen Valley’s Mina Mohebbi & Bryant Tran def. Irvington’s Raisah Khan & Ashka Patel (2-1)

Campolindo’s Shannon Bonet & Sharon Yuan def. Los Altos’s Alex Wong & William Zeng (3-0)


Campolindo’s Bonet & Yuan def. Evergreen Valley’s Mohebbi & Tran (3-0)

Our Northern California correspondents are Emily Her, who debates for Dougherty Valley High School, and Shannon Bonet, who debates for Campolindo High School. 

Shannon Bonet