Eight parliamentary debate partnerships begun the weekend facing off against each other in the Bruschke Invitational tournament, held at California State University Fullerton. Crescenta Valley/Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies hybrid Ray Alonso & Ruby Scanlon debated against Northwood High School’s William Choi & Cody Herman, who went undefeated in the preliminaries.

Alonso & Scanlon affirmed the resolution, “Cultural diversity ought to be valued over cultural unity”. After a heated debate centered on the affirmative’s kritik of racism, Alonso & Scanlon emerged victorious with a 2-1 split decision.

 Scanlon (left) and Alonso (right) pose after finals. Image courtesy of Ray Alonso

Scanlon (left) and Alonso (right) pose after finals. Image courtesy of Ray Alonso

The tournament itself was well run. Having only eight entries, the tournament saw a smaller elimination bracket than most, but it assembled several of the most competitive teams in Southern California, and the judging pool was solid and reliable.

However, many of the resolutions in the tournament were abstract in nature: one of the resolution was a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, and another was in the form of a question. Unusually for a parliamentary debate tournament, only two out of the seven resolutions were policy resolutions. 


Crescenta Valley/LACES Ray Alonso & Ruby Scanlon def. Redlands High School Simon McGuire & Jacob Razzouk

Northwood High School William Choi & Cody Herman def. Troy High School Rahul Patel & Chirag Singh


Crescenta Valley/LACES AS def. Northwood CH