Campolindo Triumphs at 6x4 Red Tournament

On March 11, twelve Northern California teams convened to compete at the 6x4 Red invitational, hosted at Bishop O’Dowd High School. The annual gathering, known to be a debate marathon, ambitiously condenses preliminary and elimination rounds, which are typically conducted over the span of multiple days, into one day. The result—back-to-back rounds with few delays— and a casual dress code make 6x4 a refreshing change from the conventional tournament routine.

After the demanding day of immediate rounds at the 6x4 Red Tournament, Campolindo’s Kevin Deng & Krish Visht defeated Berkeley’s Kai Burgmann & Cole McCann-Phillips in finals on the resolution, “The Federal Republic of Germany should significantly increase its forward troop deployment in one or more of the Baltic States”. In their semifinal round, Deng & Visht walked over Campolindo’s Shannon Bonet & Sharon Yuan, while Burgmann & McCann-Phillips triumphed over Los Altos/Notre Dame hybrid Spencer Dembner & Lilly Hackworth, the top seed based on preliminary records.

(from left) Kai Burgmann, Krish Visht, Kevin Deng, and Cole McCann-Phillips pose after debating in the final round.

(from left) Kai Burgmann, Krish Visht, Kevin Deng, and Cole McCann-Phillips pose after debating in the final round.

The 6x4 Red Cubed, otherwise known as the novice division, featured the same marathon with one fewer preliminary round. The novice division ended in a close-out, with Club Parli Peninsula's Thomas Li & Jessica Zhu and Eugenia Xu & Alanna Yelland winning their semifinal rounds against Nueva's Jack Turner & Harry Voorhis and Hillview's Brendan Foody & Sathvik Nori, respectively. Li earned the top speaker award, followed closely by partner Zhu and Nori, in order. 

In varsity, speaker awards were announced based on overall points, with Spencer Dembner taking first, followed by partner Lilly Hackworth and Sharon Yuan. However, based on speaker points minus the highest and lowest scores, as was the standard for the Blue tournament, speaker awards ended in a tie for first place between Los Altos's Ryan Lee and Shirley Cheng, followed by Dembner and Kai Burgmann. 

As always, the 6x4 Red Tournament included unique features, such as the "Tap-Out" option. Aiming to ensure that competitors did not feel overwhelmed by the consecutive rounds, the “Tap-Out” function allowed for one member of a partnership to sit out of one preliminary round with the other as a maverick. This meant that a team could entertain up to two tap-outs out of their seven preliminary rounds. However, due to a significant number of last-minute drops, all varsity teams were given two byes, so only four preliminary debates were conducted.

The 6x4 Tournament was further split into two days of marathons, with Saturday’s competition named “Red” and Sunday’s named “Blue”. The 6x4 Red Tournament is designed to cater towards lay debate, while debaters who enjoy circuit styles could attend the latter. This distinction enabled a larger variety of parliamentary debaters to compete, as teams who prefer lay methods were now able to experience the marathon as well.


Berkeley Kai Burgmann & Cole McCann-Phillips def. Los Altos/Notre Dame Spencer Dembner & Lilly Hackworth (2-1) 

Campolindo Kevin Deng & Krish Visht w/o Campolindo Shannon Bonet & Sharon Yuan (n/a) 


Campolindo Deng & Visht def. Berkeley Burgmann & McCann-Phillips (2-1) 

Tournament results can be found here

Our Northern California correspondents are Shannon Bonet, who debates for Campolindo High School, and Emily Her, who debates for Dougherty Valley High School.

Emily Her