The Oregon circuit met again on Saturday at the Mount Hood Community College Saint's Invitational. The tournament broke to semifinals after three preliminary rounds. 

It required a perfect win record of 3-0 and an opposition win strength of 1.3 in order to earn a seat in the semifinal rounds. This meant that two partnerships went undefeated without breaking to semifinals: Cleveland's Oz Johnson-Congleton & Logan Stone and Lakeridge's Eva Augst & Seba Marin-Quiros.

In one semifinal round, Lake Oswego's Jackson Dyal & Kyle Padgett faced off against Neah-Kah-Nie's SeOnna Moreland & Nula Reid. Affirming the resolution, "The Senate should impeach President Trump," Moreland & Reid discussed President Trump's misconduct in allegations of sexual assault and implementation of the "Muslim Ban," his danger for international political stability, and likelihood of escalating war. Meanwhile, Dyal & Padgett brought forward that it is the House of Representatives' duty to impeach and that immediately impeaching the President would deny due process, presenting a counterplan that read: "The House of Representatives investigates and votes to impeach President Trump, and if guilty senate votes to remove from office."

Meanwhile, Lakeridge's Cole Lambo & Albert Wang met Lincoln's Kate LeBlanc & Andria Tattersfield. Lambo & Wang affirmed the resolution, "This House believes global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese." In a bold strategy, Lambo & Wang defined "This House" as President Trump and explored his advocacies on the campaign trail, the EPA policy, and the fact that he hasn't revoked his campaign advocacies. The definition of "This House" was met by topicality that stated the definition of "This House" should be the United States Federal Government. LeBlanc & Tattersfield not only ran topicality, but also considered the reality of climate change, China's agreement to international policies of climate change, and that the ideology of the resolution "stems from yellow fever or anti-Chinese ideas or behaviors."

Ultimately, Dyal & Padgett and LeBlanc & Tattersfield were victorious on unanimous panel decisions. Though no final round was held, all four semifinalists received crucial alternate qualifier legs to the State Championships.