Over the weekend of November 3rd and 4th, the Grizzly Invitational held at Ashland High School concluded with Grants Pass’s Quentin Kanta & Lucie Roberts defeating Marshfield’s Aiden Leahy-Crooks & Trevor Moen on a 3-0 decision, negating the resolution that "This House would substantially increase its funding for education vouchers for K-12 schools." Kanta & Roberts ran a counterplan to substantially increase Title I fundings, defending an equity weighing mechanism. 

Eight schools, with a total of 26 competitors, made up the varsity field, a decrease from last year due to simultaneous tournaments in northern Oregon. The novice division experienced a small turnout, with only seven teams entered from three different schools, a possible effect of changing the division to novice from last year's junior varsity. 

For the second year in a row, Ashland chose not to give out speaker awards, based on the idea that speaker points are biased in regards to certain demographics and do not accurately reflect the quality of a particular speaker. 

In the novice division, Ashland's McKenzie Baratta & Kylah Ward championed over teammates Kane Kennerly & Elan Solomon on a 3-0 decision affirming "The USFG should implement a guaranteed living wage." 

On Sunday, November 5th, Ashland hosted their parliamentary-only tournament, the Grizzly 4x4, for its second year, with 20 competitors in both varsity and junior varsity divisions. The tournament was comprised of two Oregon-style rounds with fifteen minutes of closed prep and two California-style rounds with 20 minutes of open prep. The remaining fifth round allowed thirty minutes to consult anyone on your team, including coaches, and the internet. 

Ashland High School closed out both novice and varsity divisions on Sunday. In novice, champions from the earlier tournament, McKenzie Baratta & Kylah Ward closed out with Ellis Pryor & Cameron Stein. In open, Hannah Doyle & Alex Webb closed out their division with teammates Maya Davis & Dylan Kistler. 



Grants Pass Kanta & Roberts def. North Medford Milligan & Newman (2-1)

Marshfield Leahy-Crooks & Moen def. Phoenix Caywood & Farrimond (3-0)


Grants Pass Kanta & Roberts def. Marshfield Leahy-Crooks & Moen (3-0)



Ashland Davis & Kistler def. Ashland Mannray & Richards (3-0)

Ashland Doyle & Webb def. Ashland Aaronson & Larson (2-1)


Ashland Doyle & Webb and Davis & Kistler closed out

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Our Oregon correspondents are Hannah Doyle, who competes for Ashland High School, and Gabriel Graville, who competes for Lake Oswego High School.