On the weekend of October 14th and 15th, the Cal Parli Invitational held by the Debate Society of Berkeley culminated in a final round between Bentley’s Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar and CK McClatchy's Will Flores-Jones & Ben Schwartz. Debating the resolution, "Political campaigns in the US ought to be entirely publicly funded," Booth & Pracar prevailed on a 3-2 decision. 

 Booth, Pracar, Flores-Jones, and Schwartz pose after the announced finals decision 

Booth, Pracar, Flores-Jones, and Schwartz pose after the announced finals decision 

53 teams competed in the novice division alone, while 60 teams competed in open, with open debaters competing first flight and novice debaters second flight each round. 

In the week preceding Cal Parli, the Debate Society of Berkeley released topic areas, an unprecedented move for this tournament: teams debated resolutions about the US criminal justice system and North Korea in their third and fourth rounds. 

Speaker awards and elimination results were announced at the end of the first day. In the open division, Irvington’s Isha Sanghvi won 1st place speaker, placing her and her partner, Reetam Ganguli, as first seed in the open division. Evergreen Valley's Jwalin Joshi and teammate Janav Sharma secured second and third place, respectively. 

In the novice division, Campolindo's Vishal Lashkari & Delu Zhao defeated Hillview's Katie Doran & Alex Yu in the final round on a 5-0 decision, debating the same topic as varsity. In speaker awards, Irvington's Delisha Kumar secured first place, with teammate Ved Mistry and Evergreen Valley's Zoe Corcoran achieving second and third place, respectively. 

 Zhao and Lashkari pose after announced finals decision 

Zhao and Lashkari pose after announced finals decision 


Bentley Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar def. Campolindo Liana Belinsky & Angad Chimni (3-0) 

Menlo Park Vedant Kenkare & Harrison Kepner def. Evergreen Valley Anirudh Mani & Janav Sharma (2-1) 

Campolindo/Los Altos Shannon Bonet & William Zeng def. Berkeley Kai Burgmann & Jacques Lybarger-Martel (2-1) 

CK McClatchy Will Flores-Jones & Ben Schwartz def. Irvington Kathan Shah & Aseem Doriwala (2-1) 

Campolindo Kevin Deng & Krish Visht def. Evergreen Valley Jwalin Joshi & Aditya Mehta (3-0) 

Irvington Shevanti Kumar & Vidushee Mishra def. Evergreen Valley Gabriela Escobar & Connie Lu (2-1) 

Irvington Reetam Ganguli & Isha Sanghvi def. Evergreen Valley Esha Dadbhawala & Megana Arunarthi (3-0) 

Washington Shiranthi Jawahar & Sanjana Rajesh def. Evergreen Valley Suhas Kotha & Tommy Tran (2-1) 


Bentley Booth & Pracar def. Irvington Ganguli & Sanghvi (2-1) 

Washington Jawahar & Rajesh def. Menlo Park Kenkare & Kepner (2-1) 

Irvington Kumar & Mishra def. Campolindo Deng & Visht (2-1) 

CK McClatchy Flores-Jones & Schwartz def. Campolindo/Los Altos Bonet & Zeng (2-1) 


Bentley BP def. Irvington KM (3-0) 

CK McClatchy FS def. Washington JR (2-1) 


Bentley BP def. CK McClatchy FS (3-2) 

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Our Northern California correspondents are Emily Her, who competes for Dougherty Valley High School, and Anoushka Singal, who competes for Irvington High School.