La Salle and South Albany Triumph at McMinnville

Winter weather posed a delay to the reconvening of the Oregon circuit. Following the cancellation of the Jean Ward Invitational, hosted at Lewis & Clark College, a strong pool of 36 teams battled at the McMinnville Invitational. 

A short schedule of three prelims left teams fighting to break to the semifinal rounds. In order to earn a spot in semis, teams needed a perfect win record, along with an opposition strength of 1.7 wins. Though an undefeated partnership, South Albany's Hailey Davis & Jacobi Fisher lacked the opposition strength to break to semis. 

Ultimately, La Salle Catholic's Winnie Gregory & Joseph Kreitzberg defeated Westview's Divya Amirtharaj & Neha Mishra, the top seeded partnership following prelims, on a unanimous semifinal decision.

Similarly, South Albany's Cade Perrizo & Daniel Breitmayer were unanimously awarded their semifinal round against Woodrow Wilson's Elijah Moon & Chester Mantel. 

In the beginning of the run up to Oregon's state championships, held in April, the four partnerships who reached semifinals earned crucial legs for alternate qualification. 

Our Oregon correspondents are Karl Moeglein, who debates for Ashland High School, and SaraJane Griffiths, who debates for Lake Oswego High School. 

SaraJane Griffiths