Evergreen takes Prospect

On Saturday, May 14, Prospect High School hosted its Georgiana Hays Invitational, a season-ender which has risen significantly in both field size and competitiveness in recent years. Its final round, a repeat of TOC finals which featured Evergreen Valley’s Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala against the Los Altos duo of your correspondent & Steven Herman, was a hidden final that ran concurrently with round 5. On a 2-1 decision, Evergreen successfully affirmed the resolution “The USFG should end the incarceration of undocumented immigrants,” and prevailed on a 2-1 decision.

Evergreen’s Basil Abushama was top speaker, followed closely by Nadia Cochinwala. Following the first four rounds, three teams remained undefeated - Los Altos William Zeng & Alex Wong missed the final round on speaker points.

With Prospect, the Northern California debate season, and the career of many of its leading competitors, comes to an end. The Eights, which were expected to take place around this time, appear to have been cancelled.

In novice, Evergreen closed out, with the final round featuring Akshay Yadlapalli & Eashan Thatte against Brenda Whited & Katie Kim. Thatte was first speaker, followed by Yadlapalli.

Spencer Dembner