While the final round of policy discussed the biopolitics of the surveillance state, the finals of parli at the OSAA Championship debated the area of next year’s policy resolution. South Albany’s Tyler Whittaker & Anthony Ross, both seniors, successfully negated the resolution The United States Federal Government should increase its engagement with the People’s Republic of China on a 3-0 decision against Ashland’s Noah Falkner & John Ropp.

State champions Anthony Ross & Tyler Whittaker

State champions Anthony Ross & Tyler Whittaker

The tournament lasted three days, with four preliminary rounds. 41 teams started but only 16 remained by the time day one had ended. A 2-2 record with 224 speaker points was needed to break to the octofinals.

Three teams made it through prelims unschated with 4-0 records. Sam Barlow’s Hunter Boelow & Robbie Cantrell were the top seed with 230 speaker points and a win over Falkner & Ropp in round four to secure a perfect record. Sprague’s Arika Harrison & Sebastian Ward and Whittaker & Ross were the other undefeated teams and were the second and third seed respectively.

Friday brought the octofinal and quarterfinals rounds. The top two seeds both couldn’t escape the first elimination round. 15th seeded Bandon’s Max Underdown & Alexander McKay upset Harrison & Ward while Boelow & Cantrell fell on a split decision to 16th seeded Tillamook’s Sam Adams & Nick Wilson.

At the end of the second day, a final four emerged; Falkner & Ropp, who had success all year starting with a closeout of the first tournament of the year at Willamette; Whittaker & Ross, who were one of five Oregon teams, along with Falkner & Ropp who attended the Tournament of Champions; Lake Oswego’s Sarah Kwartler & SaraJane Griffiths, who had moderate success including breaking at Lewis & Clark; and the surprise of the group, Underdown & McKay, who, along with their entire team, had yet to break in parli all year.

To begin Saturday, Whittaker & Ross defeated Underdown & McKay, while Falkner & Ropp took down Kwartler & Griffiths, setting up a final round pitting two teams ranked in the top 20 against each other.

Whittaker & Ross’s win is South Albany’s first state title since parli was added in Oregon in 2006. For the second time since 2010, Ashland’s last title, they fell one win short.

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