It was a busy weekend in Oregon, with tournaments happening at both ends of the state. Up north at the McMinnville Invitational, Southridge ruled the day with a closeout. Down south at Grants Pass, it was Oak Hill who ended up victorious at the Logan Will Invitational.

56 teams began on January 30 at McMinville High School, but after only three preliminary rounds, the field was quickly reduced to a final four. Six teams were 3-0, with 168 speaker points required to break, and South Eugene’s Ava Vasconcellos & Lizzie Warnerand Westview’s Chaithu Dikkala & Bharath Namboothiry just missing the cut.

Southridge’s Austin Jones & Nolan Jones emerged as the top seeded team and took on South Eugene’s Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer. Jones & Jones picked up on a 3-0 decision. In the other semi-final, Westview’s Advaith Nair & Rohith Sudhakar fell to Southridge’s Belinda Li & Edward Liu securing the Southridge closeout.

Nolan Jones was the top speaker, followed by Centennial's Caleb Toman Cabrel and Westview’s Louis Ye.

Logan Will was a smaller affair with only 26 teams. With only four 3-0 teams, it was a clean break to the hidden semifinal round. Oak Hill’s Laurel Eddins & Conrad Sproul were the first and second speakers, along with being the top seed.

Eddins & Sproul, last year’s top seed at the state championship, defeated Ashland’s Carson Barry & Sam South to move to the finals. There they debated Phoenix’s Nicoletta Dinelli & Evan Schweikert, after the pair beat Cleveland’s Mathias Knight & Quinn Samoulidis in the other semi final. In the final round, Eddins & Sproul won on a 3-0 decision, to claim the championship in the pair’s first parli tournament of the year.

McMinnville results can be found here.

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