A small but strong group of teams from around southern Oregon converged in Phoenix, Oregon to compete at the inaugural Phoenix Invitational. Ashland’s Karl Moeglein & John Ropp left with first place after finishing as the only undefeated team through preliminary rounds.

A field of 10 teams began the day at Phoenix High School in open with six novice teams. After the first two rounds, only three undefeated teams remained in the field. Marshfield’s Aiden Leahy & Trevor Moen were 2-0 entering their round against South Medford’s Christian Hernandez & Dominic Adams who already had a loss. Hernandez & Adams knocked Leahy & Moen out of the ranks of the undefeated. The other 2-0 round required Ashland to debate itself with Moeglein & Ropp defeating Ashland’s Hannah Doyle & Alex Webb. Ropp explained that, "while debating teammates can be seen as something to avoid, but we saw it as an opportunity to have a good debate and increase the skills of both teams.”

Many Oregon tournament’s small field require odd breaks. Northern Oregon tournaments often break to semifinals with no final round and just award two teams as finalists. Often southern Oregon tournaments are forced to break directly to a final. With just one undefeated team left in Moeglein & Ropp, the decision was made to hold a round for second, and award Moeglein & Ropp the tournament win. 

In the second place round, Leahy & Moen got their revenge on Hernandez & Adams for their lone preliminary loss by successfully winning on the resolution This House regrets the rise of internet memes.

In the novice division, Ashland’s Sarah Aaronson & Lilli Morrish were similarly the lone 3-0 team to claim first place.


Marshfield Aiden Leahy & Trevor Moen def. South Medford Christian Hernandez & Dominic Adams (3-0)