Sunset and Sprague Sweep Silverton

Teams from all over Oregon competed for the coveted fox plate awards this weekend at the Fox Invitational, hosted at Silverton High School. While there was no final round, two semifinals determined the top two partnerships of the tournament.

Oak Hill's Conrad Sproul & Morgan Henery were defeated by Sprague's Arika Harrison & Kenneth Leia, debating the resolution, "The freedom of press harms public elections." The affirmation, Sproul & Henery, focused on the issues of libel and media bias harming voters' decision-making, while Harrison & Leia focused on the effect that information has on a healthy democracy.

Meanwhile, Sunset's Mihir Palan & Prajwal Sharma defeated Wilson's Elijah Moon & William Sweek while negating the resolution, "The right to protest in the US is harmful to democracy." Moon & Sweek affirmed by discussing how true democracy shows the majority's desires and that protests, typically driven by minorities, undermine this. Palan & Sharma focused on the ability of protests, defined as civil disobedience, to highlight important issues and solve human rights, saying that affirming would distort the essence of true democracy. 

With a relatively large pool, teams needed a perfect 3-0 record to break to semifinals, and earn a leg of proven excellence for Oregon's State Championships. 

The Oregon circuit will meet again at the Sprague Debate Invitational this weekend. 

Our Oregon correspondents are Karl Moeglein, who debates for Ashland High School, and SaraJane Griffiths, who debates for Lake Oswego High School. 

SaraJane Griffiths