With a small field and even smaller number of preliminary rounds, Tillamook’s Max Wiegardt & Rhys Sundling emerged victorious at the Tillamook High School Oktoberfest.

Seven teams began the day at the tournament, which brought together schools from around the northern Oregon coast, as well as Portland area. With only two preliminary rounds and a break to finals, the teams competed in what was functionally an eight team bracket.

The two teams who emerged out of the first two rounds were Wiegardt & Sundling and Neah-Kah-Nie’s SeOnna Moreland & Nula Reid. Wiegardt & Sundling successfully negated that presidential campaigning should be limited to six months before the election, winning finals on a split decision.

Wiegardt was the top speaker, and believed that the small number rounds has its benefits. “I think the small number of prelims accurately tells you who the best team,” he said. However, Wiegardt also acknowledged that it may not work well for finding the most competitive match-up for finals.

Both finalists will be back in action next week at the Fox Invitational, which boasts a field nearing 40 teams from around northern Oregon.


Tillamook Max Wiegardt & Rhys Sundling def. Neah-Kah-Nie’s SeOnna Moreland & Nula Reid (2-1)