Phoenix's Nicoletta Dinelli & Evan Schweikert claimed the first tournament of the southern Oregon season with a victory over South Eugene's Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer at the South Coast Invitational. Late Saturday night, Dinelli & Schweikert affirmed the resolution,  "The United States Federal Government should ban the use of drones for domestic surveillance," on a 2-1 decision to win their first tournament after a finals appearance at the Logan Will invitational last year.

The early season tournament featured a 15 team field and three preliminary rounds before a final. The format meant that a single loss in preliminary rounds meant the elimination of that team. Round three became a pseudo-semifinal with Dinelli & Schweikert beating Ashland’s Bella Mannray & Hazel Richards while Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer beat South Eugene teammates Henry Liniger & Leo Saenger.

Dinelli & Schweikert made the focus of the final clear in their first constructive by valuing privacy, claiming drones violate American’s rights in the status quo. Leve & Sprengelmeyer countered with a counterplan to make citizens aware of when drone surveillance would take place. The debate soon collapsed into the issue of who created more trust in government. Dinelli & Schweikert convinced the judges that banning was better than just warning, especially on this issue, and used this to win the round.

Schweikert was the first speaker, with Sprengelmeyer taking third place, and South Medford’s Coi Holloway taking second. 

The Oregon season moves on quickly, as the best teams from northern and southern Oregon converge at Willamette University in two weeks for the Jerry Hudson Invitational.


Phoenix's Nicoletta Dinelli & Evan Schweikert def. South Eugene Alex Leve & Ada Spenglemeyer (2-1)

Our Oregon correspondents are Karl Moeglein, who competes for Ashland High School, and SaraJane Griffiths, who competes for Lake Oswego High School.