iLEAD North Hollywood wins the I Have a Dream Monroe Invitational


On Friday, January 15th, 19 teams debated at the I Have a Dream Monroe Invitational, aptly named for its occurrence before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. With its relatively small field, the tournament only ran three rounds, and took the rankings from there to determine the winners. Of the 3-0 teams, iLEAD North Hollywood’s Kate Farwell and Chad Gasman came out on top due to their speaker points. Overall, only three teams had winning, 3-0 records:

iLEAD North Hollywood’s Kate Farwell & Chad Gasman

Taft’s Leor Bases & Ted Goldstein

Alhambra’s Sara Castro & Stephen Huang

ILEAD North Hollywood’s Kate Farwell won the first place speaker award with 89 speaker points, and there was a tie for second place speaker between Taft’s Ted Goldstein and Alhambra’s Stephen Huang with 86 speaker points.

Results can be found here.

Resolutions can be found here

Nancy Jung