The Oregon season continues rolling on with the Wilson Invitational, taking place on October 23rd and 24th in Portland, as 29 partnerships battle it out for the open parliamentary division title. Wilson High School, Lincoln High School and Cleveland High School are the three different high schools from the Portland public school system with debate programs, and all are represented in the field.

At Willamette, Lincoln’s duo of Orion Cleaver & Colin Phipps were undefeated after three prelims, but dropped round four and five and missed breaking.

Cleveland, with five teams, has the most entries of any school in the field. None of their three teams topped two wins at Willamette, so they will look to bounce back and continue their reign as the best debate school in the state.

Adelaide Beeman-White & Moses Felberg, the only pair in parliamentary debate for the host school, also will be searching for a better result after they left Willamette with only one win.

At 52 entries in the field, parli boasts more entries than any other debate style at Wilson.