Chaminade College Prep's Michael Everett & Jeremy Marsh were crowned champions of the December 5-7 La Costa Canyon Winter Classic after dropping SoCal power Carlsbad Hashmi & O'Neill on a 2-1 split. Sixty-one teams were entered into the field of this 43rd iteration of the venerable San Diego County institution, and after a absurdly short run of 3 prelims, only eight teams continued on following the break to quarters. Chaminade came out of prelims with a 3-0 record and dropped Rancho Bernardo Fitzgerald & Ristic on a 3-0 in quarters and Torrey Pines Nasseri & Paturi on a 3-0 in sems before squaring off against Carlsbad for the title. Click here for full tournament results.

Winter Classic: Most Penalized Parli Tournament of the Fall

La Costa's Winter Classic is the second straight tournament reported on this year by POI that seems to be embracing the trend of admitting a large field while breaking a wafer-thin slice of the entries to elimination rounds. SCU's D-C Invite had set a high bar by advancing only 16 of 98 entires (16.3% of its field) to elims, however the W-C seemed intent on surpassing SCU's tepid break by promoting only 8 out of 61 entries (13.1%) to knock-outs. The D-C Invite did provide 6 preliminary rounds of parli (which led to the collective grumbling of non-breaking 4-2s) which puts it in sharp relief when compared with the anemic scheduling of the W-C where parli debaters were provided a mere 3 prelims to make the case as to who should advance from the pack (teams dropping round 1 were essentially eliminated from the competition). The W-C scheduled a meager 2 preliminary rounds on December 6 and the third prelim on the morning of December 7. It should be noted that all three other debate events at the W-C had six prelims with an octos break.

All-in-all, the W-C will be this semester's most penalized parli invite under POI's scoring system. With 61 registered unique teams, the W-C was eligible to be worth up to 27 POI points for the champions. However, the 13% field break incurs a 3-point penalty while providing only 3 prelims incurs an additional 6-point penalty, which, unfortunately, leaves this year's W-C champions with 18 points (the equivalent of winning a tournament with an 11-13 team field).