West Albany Takes Sprague Invitational Title

This Saturday saw the 42nd edition of Sprague Invitational Debate, “SID” to those in the know. Even though we debaters were moved to a nearby middle school because, in the words of Tournament Director Michael Curry, “Salem-Keizer School District forgot they had a debate program,” this tournament was a tightly run exercise in debate-only competition. At the end of the day, an unreasonably packed classroom of about 40 debaters, coaches, and the occasional lost child watched West Albany’s Ben Delsman and Trace Jansen successfully negate “Public schools should provide students with expanded access to mental health professionals” to overcome Westview’s Prahal Mallela and Srinivasa Pranav and claim the top prize with a perfect 5-0 record. The negation employed an alternate agent counterplan utilizing the Oregon Health Authority to pick up the round on a 2-1 decision.

West Albany’s Ben Delsman was the tournament’s “Top Speaker” with a score of 59/60 (dropping one high and low round).The good people in the tab room also deserve a shoutout, since outrounds went exactly along seeding lines. If you were to pick a tournament to gamble on, this would have been a good one.


  1. West Albany DJ (Ben Delsman & Trace Jansen) def. (4) South Eugene SL (Ada Sprengelmeyer & Alex Leve)

  2. Westview MP (Prahal Mallela & Srinivasa Pranav) def. (3) South Eugene HS (Joe Huang & Erik Skalnes)


  1. West Albany DJ def. (2) Westview MP (2-1)

Jon Thorpe