Westfield Wins Yale; Northwood Takes Howe

Westfield High School's Amelia Peck & Spencer Pelham defeated Amity High School's Frank Kachmar & Matthew Sacco on a unanimous 5-0 decision and walked away with the championship trophy at the 2014 Yale Invitational held September 20-21. Yale saw its largest parliamentary debate field ever with 64 teams in competition in the open division. Westfield finished prelims with a 4-1 record and were seeded #13 heading into octos. Westfield dropped #5 seed Schreiber Fagan & Reisman in octos, #4 seed Bhalodkar & Blumenstock in quarters, and #1 New Canaan Eason & Ma in semis before squaring off against Amity in the final round. 

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The September 27-28 weekend saw Northwood High School's Steve Shi & Jeremy Wang, debating that the USFG should substantially increase military pressure on the People's Republic of China, defeat Claremont High School's Clayton Becker & Nancy Jung on a 2-1 split to take the 2014 Jack Howe Invitational hosted by California State University, Long Beach. Shi & Wang powered through their prelims and tallied a 6-0 record heading into elimination rounds. In octos the duo dropped Oxford Academy's Hwangbo & Li and continued their march to finals by knocking out San Marino Eng & Liu in quarters and PV Peninsula's Foltz & Jalan in finals.

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